The Spouses of These Celebs Will Leave You Speechless

Celebrity SpousesShutterfly

Kim Kardashian married Kanye West. Jason Momoa married Lisa Bonet. Beyonce married Jay Z. For years, celebrities who have married other celebs have been brought to the limelight.

We’re planning on getting down and dirty to bring you guys the celebrities who married everyday people like you and me. For example, did you guys know that comedian Jerry Seinfeld married the daughter of a middle class city social worker, while Jeff Bridges married a maid who worked on the set of one of his films?

Heck, even Batman Christian Bale himself married Wynona Rider’s old personal assistant… so if you have a celebrity crush, don’t give up, because there’s hope for you yet!

And if you’re wondering who Scarlett Johannson married, find out on slide 20!


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